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OMGO Makes Dropshipping Simple

Tell us your products,we drop-ship from China,USA within 48 hours after your payment.

Over 7 years,the professional company,No risk

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Company Profile:

In the past 7 years, we focus on E-commerce

Won the 2017, Outstanding Enterprise Award of E-Commerce Industry in Shenzhen, China Our warehouse is for your convenience: Shenzhen CN, Yiwu CN, New York USA,Prague CZ

Why we can replace Aliexpress dropshipping

01.Aliexpress is not cheap anymore

We source products directly from the factories,Price is normally lower than Aliexpress and eBay vendors

02.We won’t reject your payment!

Aliexpress (as well as PayPal) often rejects your payments when you place a certain amount of orders.

 We accept several fast and secure payment methods.

03.It is difficult to talk with different vendors

When you are testing winning products,you need to focus on marketing, AS a reliable agent,we will save your valuable ime talking with multiple suppliers.

04.Fast shipping

We drop-ship within 48 hours after your payment,we also do quality control and brand building for you

05.We will help you keep your competitive edges

In Alixepresse, sales data is displayed on the page, many competitors developtheir own products according to these data, that is to say that your competitor can easily know your sales data, they will probably sell the same product as yours but with a lower price. With us, we will order directly from the factory and protect 100% your data to make you keep your competitive edges.

06.Difficult to identify who is an unprofessional seller on AliExpress

It is difficult to find a dependable supplier when you need a certain amount of products. Because many so-called AliExpress manufactures are only operated by 1-5 people. Your order processing will become risky.

Customer’s reviews more that 4.5 Stars

Solenne Q.

Cooperation periodmonths8
LocationLos Angeles;USA


If you want to sell well, its goodto have a stable professionalpartner to supply and transportgoods, "OMGO" is the best choice!

Edwin P.

Cooperation periodmonths15


Jen avais assez de passer toutmon temps à chercher desfournisseurs ! Merci beaucoupOMGO de mavoir offert cesuper service questle drop-shipping.OMGO est vraiment le partenaireidéal.Bravo !

Anthony N.

Cooperation periodmonths15


Je trouvais mes fournisseurs surAliexpress et sur Alibaba, mais la recherche me faisait toujours perdre beaucoup trop de temps et dénergie. De plus, javais souvent de soucis avec mes commandes. Maintenant je travaille avec OMGO, et tout est plus facileet plus simple. 

Gabriel A

Cooperation periodmonths7
LocationLos Angeles;USA


The assitants work hard, seriously,by the way, with reasonable price!As I worked with other suppliersbefore, but "OMGO" is the best!

Sharmarke S.

Cooperation periodmonths10


Its a professional company, youcan just gives them the orders,then confirm the bill and payment,the products can be sent to yourclients quickly and safetly.

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Mask OnMne Sales Simple

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Mask OnMne Sales Simple

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Mask OnMne Sales Simple

For your order can be more efficiently processed, a dedicated assistant will be matched for you. Please fill in below before the chat starts.

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